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Mindfulness, therapy, art


Voices of Therapy: Three

In painting these evening clouds, I found a mirror for my mental landscape—a canvas where thoughts, feelings, and their interplay morphs like brushstrokes across the sky. Initially, I just wanted to capture their grandeur, the awe or gloom when you glance at a cloud's form, depending on the day’s weather. But as I lingered, observing its subtle shifts and layers, I began seeing beyond the surface—a metaphor for navigating my mind.

Much like the clouds' movement, my mind fluctuated, sometimes tumultuous, at other times serene. It was a blend of various practices that helped unveil the intricate layers within. Mindfulness, akin to studying the passing clouds, taught me to perceive thoughts transiently, not letting them define me. Medication acted as a gentle breeze, calming the storms within, while therapy was the guiding light to understand and navigate this nebulous maze.

Through this reflection, clouds have transformed into a symbol, embodying the essence of mental health—a reminder that, like the ever-changing sky, my mental landscape is dynamic. Learning to weather these changes, much like watching the sky's transformation through all seasons, has become my practice. It's about actively engaging, noting the shifts, and embracing resilience—a conscious effort to demystify the nuances within.

Painting the skies became more than an artistic endeavor; it mirrored my quest for stability and understanding. Just as dedicating attention to the fleeting sky grounds me, nurturing my mental health strengthens me to navigate life's fluctuations. It's an ongoing practice—one that keeps me rooted, allowing me to adapt and thrive despite the changing weathers."

Aditi, 29

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