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Contribute towards Community Mental Health
Make an impact with Team TST

Extend a helping hand by contributing to provide therapy for those in need. Your support can be the bridge that connects someone to vital mental health services, offering them a chance for healing and growth. By making a contribution, you're not just giving money or time – you're offering hope, understanding, and the opportunity for a brighter future. Your generosity can break down barriers, destigmatise mental health, and foster a culture of empathy and care. Together, we can make a difference, ensuring that everyone has the chance to access the therapeutic support they deserve. We can build a community that cares not just for the privileged, but also for those at the margins. Act now and be a catalyst for positive change.

Financial Contribution

Forge a path to healing through financial contributions that champion access to therapy.  Embrace the power of small yet impactful gestures! Your modest financial contributions have the potential to catalyse life-changing mental health journeys. Every rupee/dollar you give, becomes a stepping stone toward someone's healing and growth. By joining hands, we create a network of support that ensures everyone has access to the transformative benefits of therapy. Your generosity becomes the light that guides someone out of darkness, reminding them that they're not alone. Whether it's a cup of coffee's worth or a little more, your donation forms a chain of compassion that uplifts spirits and fosters resilience. Let's unite to make a meaningful impact—because together, our small actions can lead to profound transformations in the lives of others.

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Donate Now

Help us make a difference

​Unsure of how much to donate? Here's the tiered Donation System for Accessible Therapy with Team TST to help you make an informed decision:

  1. Hope Builder: $10 - $25   or   ₹ 500 - ₹ 1500
    Small yet significant, this tier allows supporters to contribute to the cause with the price of a meal or a few cups of coffee. Every dollar counts toward making therapy accessible. This will help someone take the first step towards therapy by availing the first session at a reduced fee.


  2. Empowerment Advocate: $26 - $50  or   ₹ 1501 - ₹ 3000
    This tier provides donors with the opportunity to make a more substantial impact. Your contribution can help cover a portion of a therapy session for someone in need.


  3. Change Catalyst: $51 - $100   or   ₹ 3001 - ₹ 5000
    By choosing this tier, you're becoming a catalyst for change. Your donation can significantly contribute to subsidizing therapy sessions for individuals with fewer resources.


  4. Transformation Champion: $101+ or   ₹ 5000+
    At this level, you're a true champion of transformation. Your generous donation can fund multiple therapy sessions, offering a lifeline to those who might not have had access otherwise.


Each tier represents a unique way to support the cause, creating a diverse range of contributions that collectively empower marginalized individuals to embark on their therapeutic journeys with Team TST.

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Experiential contribution

Ignite change! Share your therapy journey to inspire others at TST. Your reviews, videos, artwork, and advocacy plant seeds of hope, eroding mental health stigma. Showcase growth, spotlight TST's impact, and normalise conversations around seeking help for mental health.


Your voice helps breaks age-old, conventional barriers, encouraging people to start their journey towards better mental health, and help in becoming a beacon of courage. Join now, spark the ripple that destigmatises mental health—one story at a time. Your experiential contribution can set off a ripple effect, fostering a community of understanding and appreciating mental health, with words, music, art, or anything that is close to your heart and journey.

Encourage, uplift, and lead – your story could be the spark that ignites positive change in countless lives.

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Your contributions have already helped...

S, a 26-year-old male client, currently dealing with hypertension, liver and renal disease leading to financial constraints and making it difficult for him to seek help for his anxiety. Your contributions helped us provide financial aid to help client S access therapy, despite the financial constraints. He received aid and was able to access therapy for ten sessions at a reduced fee.

Apply for Financial Assistance for Therapy

Please fill out the following form
in order to register for financial assistance. Please know that these slots are limited and made available only when we receive donations. Please apply only if you meet the criteria mentioned.

Have you been unemployed/underemployed in the last 12 months?
Education (select all that apply)
Are you suffering from a medical condition, illness, or injury?
Choose any one plan most applicable for you

Thanks for submitting your interest! We will reach out to you with next steps :)

Criteria for Financial Aid/Assistance

Regarding accessible therapy, we uphold the values of fairness and inclusivity. As a result, TST provides partial aid to individuals who are navigating their path to recovery from economic/social disadvantage.

It's important to note that aid availability is limited, so we kindly ask you to reflect on your level of advantage/privilege when submitting an application. Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill all aid requests at this moment. If you're unsure of whether or not you qualify and which plan would work best for you, please use the following model to understand our criteria better:



Consider full fee plan:

  • Employed/self employed

  • Own a home/don't need to pay rent

  • Able to eat out and travel sometimes

  • Able to afford movies/other experiences

  • Access to generational wealth

  • Caste/class/religious majority 

  • Living in a developed country


Emergency Relief Model:

  • Employed/self employed

  • Paying up to 50% of income in rent

  • Experiencing some financial/medical stress

  • Want 1-3 sessions to cope with current crisis

  • Able to order in rarely

  • Struggling with self-harm/suicidal ideation

  • Living in a developing country


Basic Needs Support:

  • Unemployed/underemployed

  • Undergoing medical/social stress

  • Need reduction in full fee for ~5-10 sessions

  • Self-financed/scholarship based education

  • Trauma survivor

  • Identify as queer (LGBTQIA+)

  • Belong to a caste/class/religious minority

  • Living in a developing country


Long Term Support:

  • Unemployed/underemployed

  • Undergoing medical/social/financial stress individually

  • Need reduction in full fee for all sessions (minimum 10+ sessions)

  • Self-financed/scholarship based education or ongoing educational loan or first generation learner

  • Trauma survivor

  • Identify as queer (LGBTQIA+)

  • Belong to a caste/class/religious minority

  • Living in a developing country

Apply for Assistance
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